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Five Items You Must Carry When Going on Chartered Catamaran Boat Trips

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A trip to Fajardo is incomplete without visiting the gorgeous blue waters of the Caribbean. In fact, the best way to explore Fajardo town in Puerto Rico is by taking boat charters. Aboard a boat to witness the breathtaking views, beautiful natural reserves, fabulous marinas, and relaxing getaways. For more adventure, you can go snorkeling in the beautiful reefs or scuba to level up excitement.

When you select a catamaran boat, you will, in fact, find everything ready, be it your food or entertainment gear. Although you will find everything required for an ideal trip on catamaran boat charters, there are a few basic things you should pack for a stress-free and fully enjoyable trip. However, it doesn’t mean you need to pack big duffle bags or suitcases.

Don’t worry! We have got the list handy for you. You need to pack light, and a small backpack will be enough.

Here’s your packing list:

Cap or wide-brim sun hat
For a daytime catamaran boat trip, do not forget to keep a cap or sun hat with a wider brim. Wear a cap or hat to avoid the overwhelming sun when sailing through the sea. The hat will work as a shade for your head, face, and neck and protects against glaring and harmful sun rays that may cause sunburns, headaches, eye strain, and other health-related issues.

When we are talking about sun protection, sunscreen needs special attention. Make sure you keep your sunscreen lotion with yourself and apply, in fact, keep reapplying it. Sun on the beach is usually harsh and causes heavy sunburns. You will be exposed to full sun pretty much all day. There are little shade areas and cabins on the boat, but sitting inside on the whole trip won’t make any sense for a catamaran boat charter, especially when you are in Fajardo, Puerto Rico.

Dry change of clothes
Keep a set of dry change of clothes. You would require it after snorkeling. You can also carry a comfortable swimsuit for water activities. If you’re wet, you will have dry clothes to change and spend the rest of the time relaxed. Similarly, having your swimsuit with you will help prevent wetting your clothes.

Waterproof camera
For water activities, carrying a normal camera will be of no use. It will get damaged if water seeps in. But if you want to capture your fun and adventure moments underwater, carry a good quality waterproof camera or action camera.

Waterproof case for your phone
When going for snorkeling, you may not want to leave your phone or other valuables in the water. You can carry a small waterproof pouch with an adjustable strap to hold your valuables. You can wear this pouch around your waist to fully enjoy your day.

Summing Up!
Besides these personal care items, you will get everything on your catamaran boat charters. You just need to pick the right company, and that one could be Sea Ventures catamaran boat charters, Fajardo, Puerto Rico. They take care of everything, including great food and entertainment activities.