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List of Activities You Can Do to Enjoy Your Catamaran Trip

Private Party Boat Rental in Fajardo

When you visit Puerto Rico, you will realize it’s a water paradise with tranquil beaches and serene beauty stretching as far as your eyes can see. And only a catamaran boat will be the ideal way to discover the magnificence of this Caribbean island. In fact, there are many stunning locations on the east coast of Puerto Rico that you can explore with a day trip on a catamaran boat.

Sea Ventures provides a 47-foot Power Catamaran, a private charter boat service that will let you discover the coastlines and have experiences you will remember for a lifetime. A catamaran trip will offer more than basking in the sun and feeling the wind in your hair.
Read on to find what you can do on your catamaran trip.

Explore the Beaches
The east coast region of Puerto Rico, Fajardo is known for some of the best beaches in the country, or better say, in the entire Caribbean. You can enjoy the serene vibes and calmness around the beaches and capture the picturesque landscape of blue waters on your camera to create unforgettable memories. Anchor your boat for a while to eat fresh coconut and walk barefoot on the seashore as the soft sand tickles the bottom of your feet.

Absorb in Beautiful Nature
While your catamaran sails through the sea, you can relax and lay down on your boat under the open sky. A catamaran trip will be the best way to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. You can spend quality time with your family and friends in your peaceful private space. Look around the surroundings and watch soothing flora and fauna. You can even spot some rare, exotic birds.

Relish the Food On Board
Just imagine! A variety of good food and a glass of champagne in the middle of the sea with scenic beauty all around. You will be served scrumptious and savory cuisines on the boat that can make you drool over them. For example, on Sea Ventures Power Catamaran, you are served a fruit platter and a cheese platter with chips and dip. You also get electric BBQ equipment to relish some smoky, grilled recipes.

Party on Boat
Catamarans offer you a great party space. You can celebrate any moment with your family and friends- whether it is a birthday, wedding anniversary or a get-together. You don’t have to worry about the arrangements. There will be plenty of food and snacks on board, so you can enjoy as much as you want.

Power Catamaran is equipped with a full boat sound system to set the right party mood. Moreover, you and your guests can sip a cool mojito, soft drinks, rum, vodka, mimosas, coffee, red or white wine and local beer while munching some snacks and dips.

A trip on a catamaran can never be boring; from start to end, the trip remains adventurous and full of activities. If you are an underwater enthusiast, you will soon want to dive in and explore the magical world underwater. You can snorkel in the beautiful reefs around Fajardo to meet & greet exotic and colorful aquatic lives.

Sea Ventures offer snorkeling gear on board. They even have scuba options, available both for learners and certified divers at an upgraded price.

Summing Up:
A catamaran trip in Puerto Rico is pure bliss. The Caribbean beauty is an utter charm, and to discover its full glory, you should consider booking Power Catamaran by Sea Ventures. This 47-foot catamaran offers a wide range of activities, food and snacking options with a comfortable stay. It is fully equipped with an air conditioning system with four cabins, four bathrooms, a dining saloon, a fully equipped kitchen, upper deck and lower deck seating, and forward deck, lounging cushions for a convenient and pleasant journey.