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Throw Boat Party Hassle-Free, Your Captain Can Handle It All

Boat Charters, Fajardo, Puerto Rico

Partying on water is a totally different experience for guests. They enjoy a great time in the middle of the water, relishing amazing food and drinks, soaking up the enchanting views, dancing, rollicking, and much more. But as a host, you have to take care of all the arrangements like you do for home or club parties. This includes a whole lot of things but could be taxing and daunting, let alone the job of choosing and hiring the boat.

Therefore, if you want to host a party on a boat in Puerto Rico but are unwilling to put your energy into planning and arrangements, the best boat charters- Sea Ventures in Fajardo can come to your rescue. They have a 47-foot huge power catamaran boat, the perfect pick for party purposes.

Fajardo is an ideal location to enjoy a boat party with stunning views. Sea Ventures allows you to choose one of the many spectacular locations that the east coast of Puerto Rico has to offer. You and your guests can have an amazing time exploring the beautiful beaches and colorful underwater lives, including coral reefs.

As your concern is about throwing a happening party that your guests remember for a lifetime, leave it to your captains on Sea Ventures boat charters. They will take care of all your needs and make your party grandeur the way you want.

Here’s how Sea Ventures’ Captains help you plan your perfect boat party.

Professionals with Years of Experience

It’s never a good idea to work harder than necessary. A boat party is a lot of fun, but if you don’t have a captain, someone has to know how to steer and command the vessel. A professional captain understands how the boat operates and the maritime rules in the region, so you can relax knowing you and your guests are in good hands. Sea Ventures boat charters come with skilled captains who help your guests sail across the sea in Fajardo while you enjoy the party.

Take You To The Best Party Spots

Fajardo is known for its gorgeous beaches and islands. Your captain wants to make sure you and your guests have a great time exploring the place. So, considering the type of party you are throwing, they undoubtedly know the finest places to take you. Boat captains are familiar with the greatest diving and other water activities spots on the sea and happily steer the vessel in that direction where you can have the maximum fun. If your celebration extends into the evening, your captain can take you to the ideal spot to see the sunset.

Ensure Everyone Enjoys The Party

Throwing a party on a boat is pointless if you can’t enjoy all the events.  A professional captain as in-charge of your boat party ensures everything is in place and each guest onboard has the ultimate fun. You don’t have to keep checking if the food is in enough quantity or not, drinks are properly served or not. The crew members work under the guidance of your captain and serve each guest the best way.

You only need to tell your preferences at the time of booking and any specific requirements you have. A variety of food and drinks are served on boats that include filtered water, soft drinks, rum, vodka, mimosas, coffee, and red or white wine and local beer, fruit platter, and cheese platter with chips and dip. There’s no need to worry about arranging anything. Moreover, you also get a BBQ grill option. You can set the tone of your party with your choice of tracks as a full boat sound system is fitted with power catamaran boats. Make your reservations with Sea Ventures Boat Charters, Fajardo, Puerto Rico, today.