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Useful Tips to Enjoy Snorkeling During a Catamaran Trip in Fajardo

snorkeling catamaran in Fajardo

A visit to Fajardo is incomplete until you go for a catamaran trip. This is the most exciting part of a tour you must experience as it is not only about sailing in the pristine waters, you also get to enjoy a lot of activities, snorkeling, and scuba diving being the prominent ones.

This typically sounds exciting, isn’t it? When you are up for a snorkeling catamaran trip, come to Sea Ventures. They will sail you to beautiful beaches and give you a chance to snorkel around Fajardo. To make it more thrilling we have got you some useful tips for snorkeling.
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Before you dive off your catamaran boat, you must gear up yourself to make the most of snorkeling. Wearing a T-shirt is one of the first things you should do before getting in the water. This will protect your back and shoulders from severe sun tans. You may then go snorkeling, embraced in the warm Caribbean Sea water, looking down at all the hues of the corals and schools of fish swimming down.

After the T-shirt, make sure you get a mask that fits properly. Your mask’s fitting is crucial to avoid sea water seeping into it. When you book a snorkeling catamaran trip in Fajardo with Sea Ventures, you will get snorkeling gear as one of the inclusions. You can easily find masks of your size.
When putting a mask, place it over your face, hold the strap over the top of your head, not behind your ears, and inhale through your nose to suck the mask to your face. It should then stay on, if it does, then that would be an excellent match. Also, ensure that it is comfortable. Remember strap should be placed high on the back of your head, away from your ears.

If water seeps into your mask, place your hand on the mask at your forehead and gently press while exhaling through your nose. This should drain the water out from your mask. Of course, if water enters your breathing tube, exhale sharply to blow the water out of the tube.
If you wish to bring your own gear, try snorkeling with a splashguard or a dry snorkel, which prevents water from flowing down the tube into your mouth. This is due to a unique valve that closes whenever a wave covers the snorkel or if you drop your head on one side while moving to a fish.
The fun part is using the flippers or fins, which might be exciting the first time you use them because you are not anticipating the strong push through the water provided by well-fitting flippers. They must be snug but not too tight. In cooler water, your foot may slightly shrink, and you don’t want fins that brush on your feet and create discomfort.

There are two types of fins- closed and open. Open fins are used by people who desire to wear a boot, such as scuba divers or people swimming in cold water. Closed fins are better in any case, so go for these if you are not wearing a boot. They are also less light in weight.

Final Words!
Most important of all, be lazy in the water, swim gently, and appreciate what you are looking at. You are now ready to schedule a snorkeling catamaran in Fajardo. So go to the Sea Ventures website and book your charter catamaran now. Go snorkeling in the stunning reefs, and for more adventure, you can even learn to scuba on your trip.