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3 Amazing Water Activities You Can Enjoy On Your Catamaran Trip

Private catamaran day charters

When you are looking for a retreating and fun-filled day outing with family, luxury cruises & boat rentals in Puerto Rico are just perfect to go. Simply, rent out a catamaran boat from Sea Venture, pack your essential stuff like sunglasses, sunscreen, and swimsuit, and you are all set to spend the day with your loved ones, frolicking and rollicking recreational activities.

Sea Ventures takes you on a 6-hour trip to beaches near Fajardo on its 47-foot huge power catamaran boat. Fajardo is home to many stunning locations and islands, which you can enjoy during your trip on this boat. The power catamaran is equipped with all luxurious amenities that include air conditioning, flat screen TV, BBQ grill, full boat sound system, bean bags, upper deck and lower deck seating, forward deck lounging cushions, four cabins, four bathrooms, dinner saloon, fully equipped kitchen, inflatable island float and more.

Hence, besides reveling in the spectacular water paradise, pampering yourself with the luxury experience, and embracing the serene vibes of the beach, Sea Ventures lets you indulge in exciting water activities so you can make the most of your trip. They know where you can have calm sea conditions, current-free dive sites, and suitable depths so you can experience magnificent coral reefs and abundant sea life.

Here are water activities you can experience and enjoy on your catamaran boat trip.

You can make the most of luxury cruises & boat rentals in Puerto Rico when you are in Fajardo. This place offers so much to explore both on and off the water. Sea Ventures allows you to discover the vibrant and colorful marine lives and corals underwater. A catamaran trip package by Sea Ventures also includes snorkeling as the main activity. Moreover, snorkeling gears are included, so you don’t need to worry about losing your chance to explore the underwater lives.

Scuba Diving:
You can raise the level of fun and adventure on Sea Ventures power catamaran with an upgraded price of just $80 per person for scuba options. You can dive 40 to 70 feet down the sea in your scuba gear. This is the depth at which you may put yourself in the midst of all types of marine life, swimming among schools of fish and occasionally spotting a ray or turtle. Scuba diving along vertical coral walls, you can witness anything from sea stars to moray eels. The closer you watch, the more you’ll notice, and the course of scuba diving allows you to control your breathing and reduce your pulse rate. Sea Ventures even provides trainers for beginners who want to learn scuba aboard.

Paddleboarding is just another amazing activity offered by Sea Ventures, where you travel across water or ride on waves using a board. Once the boat is anchored in a beautiful, tranquil harbor, a paddleboard can be placed into the water and you can step on the board from the boat’s swim platform. Paddleboarding is one of the most peaceful activities on the water, ideal for anybody who likes to watch the birds along the shore or, the fish just beneath the crystal clear water surface. It is also considered a full-body workout for toning the arms, abs, and legs.

Wrapping Up!
Gear up for a thrilling and exciting day outing with your family to Fajardo. If you are looking for luxury cruises & boat rentals in Puerto Rico, look no further than Sea Ventures, which offers you the most lavish and pleasant experience you can cherish for a lifetime. So, quench your thirst for adventure with these incredible water-sport activities.