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Safety Tips to Follow When Taking a Charter Catamaran Trip with Elderly People

catamaran charters in Puerto Rico

A boat trip with family is always exciting and a great way to spend quality time with them. Being surrounded by calm waters, scenic beauties, and thrilling activities makes for a fantastic day outing. And when you are in Puerto Rico, you can get a catamaran charter by Sea Ventures to make the most of your day outing with family.

But there are certain things for which you need to be careful, especially when you are taking your older parents or grandparents on the trip. To have a hassle-free catamaran journey with aged persons, you must follow some fundamental safety tips. Scroll down to learn more.

Boating Safety Tips for Elderly People

Get On and Off the Boat Slowly and Carefully
Let’s start with how to get elderly individuals onboard a boat. We advise moving slowly and cautiously.
To avoid falling, take measures and ensure elderly guests grab onto sturdy surfaces. As another guest on the boat, you should be prepared to assist them in getting aboard and off the boat. Catamaran charter boats by Sea Ventures have special entrance boat stairs for the elderly for easy onboarding.

Ensure Safe Weather Conditions
You should avoid sailing with elderly individuals in bad weather like heavy winds or storms. High winds rock the boat, creating difficulty in maintaining the balance. Furthermore, people are more likely to become seasick in jerky waves. Remember: just because the weather is clear upon launch does not guarantee it will remain so during the journey. Weather pattern varies all the time, so keep a watch on the radar while on the water. Also, do not plan the outing during odd seasons.

Wear Life Jackets
Everyone on board, regardless of age, needs a properly fitting life jacket to be prepared to fight back in an emergency situation. This is especially critical for older people who may have balance problems. Before onboarding the boat, make sure the vest fits securely and is up to safety guidelines.

Stock Up on Safety Supplies and Other Necessities
Sea Ventures always takes care of guests’ safety and, thus always keeps first aid and emergency supplies ready on the boat. However, you should always bring food (if there’s any particular meal plan), regular medicines, and other basics just in case the elderly require them.

How Do Sea Ventures Make Boating More Comfortable for Elderly Guests?

When looking for a comfortable boat adventure with elderly family members, you can always trust Sea Ventures catamaran charters in Puerto Rico. The 47-foot power catamaran has all the luxury and comfy features that make boat sailing for every guest safe and secure.

The huge catamaran boat is equipped with four cabins, four bathrooms, a dinner saloon, a fully equipped kitchen, upper deck and lower deck seating, and forward deck lounging cushions. So, if you are boarding with any older family member, they will be able to enjoy the trip with comfort. Besides, follow the above tips to enjoy a pleasant and hassle-free family trip.