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The Best Season is Coming Soon: Gear Up For Some Adventure with Sea Ventures

boat rentals in Puerto Rico

When it comes to sailing around the majestic blue waters of the Caribbean Sea, Puerto Rico is a popular destination people often curiously look forward to. With an outstretching coastline of 360 km (580 mi) and over 300 beaches accessible by water, you have the opportunity to explore this heavenly paradise through boat rentals widely available in Puerto Rico. To make the most of your boat trip, you can choose Private Catamaran Day Charters by Sea Ventures.

However, for an incredible experience, it is important that you visit Puerto Rico in the right season. Although sailing in Puerto Rico is possible year-round with its warm tropical climate and good wind conditions, you probably would not like to plan your boat trip during the hurricane season i.e. from August to October. You can better plan between November and January for the best sailing conditions.

With every boat trip, you can visit one of the many stunning locations that the east coast of Puerto Rico has to offer. Sea Ventures boat rentals can take you to stunning islands like Icacos, Palominos, or Pineros Island. They have a 47-foot huge power catamaran that takes you on a 6-hour journey, during which you can enjoy a luxurious day in the catamaran boat and visit the local reefs and beaches near Fajardo. You can also go snorkeling in the beautiful reefs or even learn scuba during the trip.

What to Expect During Your Boat Trip with Sea Ventures? 

The east coast of Puerto Rico is pure bliss; you must plan your day to ensure an enjoyable trip. Sea Ventures does away with the hassle of planning the boat trip. You can book a private catamaran that will take you to one of the best islands in Fajardo- Cayo Icacos or Isla Palominos. There you can spend quality time with your family or friends while enjoying a luxurious day in a 47-foot power catamaran. Also, get a chance to explore the beautiful beaches and snorkel around Fajardo, Puerto Rico. Moreover, you can learn to scuba on this trip if you prefer.

Fajardo is a great place to snorkel as it offers the diversity of marine life you would certainly love to explore. Adding to this enjoyment, you get the perfect savory treat onboard to enhance your loafing experience. Sea Ventures boat rentals in Puerto Rico include lavish food options with a fruit platter and a cheese platter with chips and dip. You can enjoy your trip grilling chicken breast on the barbecue in the middle of the sea with fine drinks.

What to Pack? 

When planning for a day tour on a boat, consider packing light. Wear comfortable clothes during your visit to the island. Keep sunscreen, shades, and a hat to beat the intense sunlight. But if you are looking forward to an evening boat tour, get a light jacket or sweater to stay comfortable in the cold breeze. You may carry your own snorkeling gear; however, you can also get that on the boat (inclusive of the package).

 Book your Catamaran Trip in Advance 

Since November to January is the peak season, it is better you make your booking in advance. Sea Ventures offers the best boat rentals in Puerto Rico and thus is always high in demand. If you have decided the dates, and looking forward to a day outing to the majestic islands of Puerto Rico with family or friends, we suggest booking private catamaran charters by Sea Ventures.