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Learn the Right Etiquettes to Tip Your Charter Boat Captain

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Tipping is genuine etiquette and a way to appreciate the good service. But confusion arises when the moment of tipping comes and the amount to tip. This is probably because tipping depends on various factors, including – the situation, quality of service, or even the type of service. Since we are talking about catamaran charters in Puerto Rico, at least we are clear about the service category, and when it is Sea Ventures, you can rest assured of the quality of the service.

You can enjoy charter Sea Ventures’ power catamaran boat while spending the day on the crystal clear and tranquil waters of Puerto Rico. Chartering a Boat is one of the best ways to spend a day on turquoise water. However, if this is your first time, you should be aware of charter boat tipping etiquette regardless of how many times you have already tipped waiters at a restaurant or other service persons.

Don’t worry! We are here to solve your worries. Find here everything about charter boat tipping etiquette.

What Does a Catamaran Charter Captain Do?
Before we jump to how to tip your catamaran charter boat captains, you must understand their roles and responsibilities toward making your trip wonderful.

Charter captains play a variety of roles depending on the size of the crew. In general, their key responsibilities include steering the ship and managing all boating operations. Of course, they also make sure that onboard guests have a great time.
Because charter captains are often occupied with tasks, it is normal for them to delegate work to their crew. However, the standard duties of boat captains include:

  • Setting the Journey Plan and Being Your Tour Guide: This involves planning an itinerary, searching interesting tourist places, and discovering docks or ports ideal for photography.
  • Boat Operations: Captains are in charge of observing the weather. Sea Ventures never compromises on safety, nor our trained captains. They educate passengers about emergency protocols. They also ensure that safety gears are functional.
  • Serving as a Customer Support: Captains provide excellent customer service. And, of course, crew members are on hand to assist.

Boat Tipping Etiquette:
Now that you know what job a captain has to carry out onboard, it’s time to familiarize yourself with catamaran charter boat tipping etiquette.

  • Be prepared and know how you wish to tip: Normally, cash is preferred. However, wire transfers can be good if you don’t want to carry around a bundle of bills.
  • Tip at the end of your journey: You don’t want to tip your captain until your trip is over. Take your time, and get back on coast land first!
  • Tip the captain: No matter if there are extra crew members onboard, you should tip your captain personally. This guarantees that everyone receives a fair share.

Match the level of service you received: If the captain went beyond your expectations throughout your trip, consider leaving a higher tip as a token of your gratitude.
Simply ask for clarity: You can also ask the charter company about their tipping policy. At Sea Ventures, we are always here to help you with any queries you have.

Final Words:
While it entirely depends on how generously you wish to tip the captain, always consider the quality of service and experience to make your decision. If we talk about the service, no one other than Sea Ventures Catamaran Charter Puerto Rico can serve you excellent service and hospitality.
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